Gee Up Gill Davies Original Painting horse equestrian art
Blog Week 20

The sun is out and everybody seems to have been swept away with Royal fever.  The weather and the royal festivities have also...

frogman sculpture
Frogman 20th September 2018

Despite several thousand miles separating Hepplestone Fine Art and the Frogman’s home in Venice Beach, California, the Frogman Tim Cotterill never fails to...

Love Lights Us Up David Renshaw Original Painting
Blog Week 2

Another busy week draws to a close having almost completed our annual sale and visited a number of collectors in the South East...

frogman Christmas frog 2017 brandy
Sculptures by Frogman Tim Cotterill
Christmas Frog 2017 – Brandy

Brandy is the 2017 official Christmas frog by the Frogman Tim Cotterill. Each year, Frogman produces a very special edition frog to celebrate...