Despite our best efforts to offer continuously great value, we know that from time to time special offers will be available online which appear too good to resist.  However, knowing the potential pitfalls of purchasing from an unfamiliar gallery with the potential of damaged or non authentic goods, we would much rather match genuine special offers and ensure that you are buying with the piece of mind afforded by purchasing from an award winning gallery.

With this in mind, we aim to match any physical galleries price on limited edition prints and limited edition sculpture shown on our website. The items must be like for like with regards to the title, medium, frame and edition sizes and be available and in stock with ourselves and the competitor in question.

The price match applies to the total price of the purchase including postage/shipping costs.

If you have seen an identical offer at what appears to be a more competitive price, do contact us at the gallery on 01257 451121 or and allow us to match the price and ensure that you receive a perfect item.


Please note that on occasion we reserve the right not to price match at our discretion..