Frogman Exhibition Photographs

Our 2018 Frogman exhibition was a great exhibition and a lot of fun for all who attended.  As ever, Tim Cotterill (aka the...

New Arrivals
Ferguson Outdoor Frog

Ferguson is the eagerly anticipated super sized frog from the Frogman Tim Cotterill which can be used as either an indoor or outdoor...

frogman lovebirds valentines sculpture
New Arrivals
Lovebirds by the Frogman

The Frogman Tim Cotterill's limited edition bird sculptures such as Napoleon and Lazy River have proved a massive hit in 2017 and such...

frogman Christmas frog 2017 brandy
Sculptures by Frogman Tim Cotterill
Christmas Frog 2017 – Brandy

Brandy is the 2017 official Christmas frog by the Frogman Tim Cotterill. Each year, Frogman produces a very special edition frog to celebrate...