james lawrence isherwood original art
New Arrivals
New Isherwood Paintings

With our James Lawrence Isherwood exhibition under way, we have been striving to source undiscovered paintings by the late Wigan artist which is...

stephen hawkins original painting
Blog Week 9

The snow has come and brought with it a whole host of new paintings which seem to have stirred up a torrent of...

Sun Scholes Street James Lawrence Isherwood Original Painting
Paintings by Kerry Darlington
Blog Week 27

[caption id="attachment_18857" align="alignright" width="250"] SOLD[/caption] Despite the sunshine making a welcome return this week and the lure of Wimbledon on the television, the...

Leader Street Wigan James Lawrence Isherwood Original Painting figures
Blog Week 24

Fabian Perez This Saturday For those who haven't made arrangements for next Saturday evening, Fabian Perez is ready to enjoy the evening with...