Temper is Back….

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Almost ten years after Temper’s first exhibition at Hepplestone Fine Art, we are honoured to welcome one of the UK’s most successful street artists back into the gallery to showcase his unbelievable aerosol and fine art work.

For those not familiar with Temper’s incredible career to date, here’s a few highlights:

  • The first graffiti artist to become a Doctor of Arts, Wolverhampton University 2021
  • 28 Sell Out Collections
  • Artwork featured on 100 million Sprite Cans
  • First grafitti artist to hold a solo exhibition in a Museum and Art Gallery, breaking all attendance records
  • Celebrity collectors and supporters including Roman Abramovich, Will Smith, The Ozbournes and Denzel Washington

After a break from the limelight, we are delighted that Temper has chosen Hepplestone Fine Art to launch his first new collection that has been hotly anticipated by the army of collectors and investors who have supported his stratospheric journey so far.

The first collection includes his ‘No Boundaries’ original drawings, a peek into the artist’s visionary mind as he looks to the future and refuses to be held back or boxed in.  Packed with the symbolism of exploration, progression and his new direction, the incredible drawings are the first step in what is sure to be one hell of a ride.

Alongside the ‘No Boundaries’ drawings, we will also have a stunning collection of his new ‘Addstract’ works. A journey mapping forces greater than ourselves, the hidden depths in these mixed media works really need to be seen to be believed.  Suffice to say, we will also have a monumental aerosol work on offer as well.

The collection will go online at 8pm on Friday 17th December and will be available to view in the gallery from 18th December.  Be the very first to experience the new direction from the UK’s most exciting and successful graffiti artist.  Ever wish you had caught the Banksy wave a little earlier?  Let’s hope you are you up to ride this wave from the off.