Steven Townsend

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Original art by Lancashire artist Steven townsendThose collectors who have been familiar with the gallery since it’s foundation in 2005 will remember talented Lancashire artist Steven Townsend.

Having been one of the early inspirations for the gallery itself, Steven’s photo realist works were some of the main attractions of the gallery in the early years.  Having collected Steven’s work prior to opening the gallery, Clive and Giles were both admirers of his work and continued to represent him in the following years, showcasing his working dog paintings along with his beautiful landscapes and bird studies.

Steven Townsend’s original works sold for tens of thousands and his limited edition prints continually sold out upon release, appreciating in price quickly.  This continued for many years until his well deserved retirement which he has enjoyed whilst spending time with his family.

Steven Townsend Lake District Painting

During the Covid-19 lockdowns however, his many trips to walk and climb in the beautiful Lake District have reignited his desire to capture the beauty of nature and unconstrained by any external pressures, he has been back at the easel.

Due to our long standing relationship with the artist, Hepplestone Fine Art are now delighted to be able to exhibit and sell his new works which although are recognisable to his early works, have an added vibrancy and impact to his previous paintings.  Now working upright in acrylics, Steven is able to produce the level of realism for which he has become known but on a much larger scale resulting in absolutely breath taking and unrivalled compositions.

seascape painting by burnley steven townsend

These wonderful works really to have to be viewed in person to be fully appreciated as they are truly stunning.  The works are on show and available now so we encourage admirers of Steven Townsend new and old to call into the gallery and view them in person.