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The rise of street art has been the hot topic on the lips of many in the art world over the last decade or so and the emergence of such well known artists as Banksy has pushed the genre into the public consciousness.  With this in mind, we are delighted to be able to offer some of the very best artists work from the street art and contemporary field alongside our traditional fine art and Northern art collection.

Mr Oreke

Emerging onto the graffiti scene after the millenium, French artist Mr Oreke combines his early graffiti techniques with more illustrative elements, juxtaposing the two styles and incorporating images of popular culture including the likes of Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny below.

Reflecting on influences of 1950s and 60s popular art and comic book culture, Oreke’s compositions are often large and always packed with impact.

bugs bunny urban contemporary art mr. oreke original painting
Bunny Bugs by Mr Oreke

Bram Reijnders

Also on show now is the imaginative and unique work of Dutch street artist Bram Reijnders.

First used in France by artists associated with nouveau réalisme, Reijnders uses a technique known as ‘décollage’.  Roaming the city at night, Reijnders rips posters from the walls to use as a starting point for a new work and utilising old bill boards to form the foundations of his creations. Refining the thick layers of curled paper by chopping and burning them, he uses paints and glazes to assemble his outspoken and distinctive statement pieces, describing the fragments as ‘urban jungle leftovers’ from messages, information and protest from the inhabitants of the city.

As a commentary on popular culture and commercialism, Reijnders takes a peep into the modern world through his incredible works, examining celebrity, nostalgia and cultural differentiation.

Bram Reijnders Mickey mouse
Bram Reijnders Flirt me

Reijnders’ unique technique means viewing in person is highly recommended as it is unlikely that you have seen work produced in this way before, certainly well worth a trip to the gallery and we will be very jealous of the collectors who manage to acquire one.

Bram Reijnders décollage technique


Thrust into the spotlight of the art world almost two decades ago, Birmingham born artist Temper honed his with an aerosol can on the streets of his home city.  Since then, high profile commissions from football clubs such as Chelsea FC and countless celebrities has followed, along with incredible sell out shows and exhibitions.

Having work with Temper for over a decade, we are delighted to be able to bring to market some of his latest works in the form of his substainable collection.  Working on recycled materials such as old envelopes and packaging materials, Temper’s recognisable style comes to the fore again with added depth and meaning.

"Substainable" #1 by Temperr graffiti artist
Substainable Number 1

The very first from this latest series is conceived on a used Amazon envelope, such a symbol of our modern retail culture.  Using a disposal and throw away object to help create his art, Temper transforms it into a timeless and valuable artefact with the flourish of a pencil.  A truly unique and incredible piece.

Craig Alan

Gallery regulars will be familiar with the imaginative works of Craig Alan who uses the interaction of hundreds of characters in his paintings to form iconic and recognisable images, sometimes landmarks and often popular culture figures.

Craig Alan Limited Edition Joker Print
How’s About a Magic Trick

In this incredible work above, Craig Alan tackles the late Heath Ledger’s Joker character, capturing the intense madness of the character whilst absorbing the viewer in the hundreds of narratives at play amongst the many figures making up the image.  Look closer and you will see many familiar characters from the Batman movies, each as intriguing as the next.

Taken from a limited edition run of just 75, this framed box canvas edition is both rare and awesome.

Uri Dushy

Uri Dushy is an established Israeli artist whose public art sculptures stand in cities across Israel and also as far afield as Poland and Singapore.  His subject matters cover popular culture aspects spanning from the 1950s to the present day making captivating and thought provoking subject, something new to see on every viewing.

uri dushy original street art
Live Your Dream Marilyn by Uri Dushy