Northern Art Exhibition 2023

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We are excited to announce that 2023 will mark the opening of our dedicated Northern art lounge which will showcase the very best of what has become known as the ‘Northern School’.

original painting by carl Payne
Theodore Major Original Painting

Having championed the works of local and north west artists including L S Lowry, Lawrence Isherwood and Geoffrey Key for many years, the time has come for us to offer a permanent space to these incredible artists and cast the net a little wider to include other great artists from the North of England such as Peter Brook and Arthur Delaney. The Hepplestone family have had a long affinity with Northern art with founder Clive Hepplestone living doors away from Lowry in Mottram during the mid 1970s and current director Giles being born in the same place. This early brush with the northern art movement developed into the gallery becoming one of the leading stockists the late local Wigan artist James Lawrence Isherwood and a close relationship with legendary Salford artist Geoffrey Key has broadened the galleries offering.

James Lawrence Isherwood, Original Oil on Board

The new dedicated northern art lounge will open in late April and will be situated in the existing gallery offering collectors the opportunity to view and purchase works by northern artists of an international standard. If you are not already on the gallery mailing list then do contact us at to receive an invitation to the opening of this exciting new exhibition space and receive updates on new northern art acquisitions.

original art by artist Peter brook
Peter Brook, Original Oil on Board