New from Barry Hilton

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Barry Hilton has long been our best selling landscape artist with his dramatic landscape and seascape paintings continuing to wow both existing and new collectors.  Today we were delighted to welcome Barry to the gallery for an impromptu visit which coincided with the arrival of three new original works.

The centrepiece of the new collection is one of his largest every paintings entitled ‘Breakthrough’. With a canvas size of 60″ x 40″ and a framed size of 73″ x 53″, it is a truly monumental and stunning piece.  At the time of writing it is hanging proudly in the gallery and you are sure not to miss it if you are able to visit and view it.

In addition to this incredible masterpiece, we also have a new Moorland landscape which again showcasing Hilton’s fabulous use of colour and ability to utilise contrast to maximum effect.

rape seed paintings by artist Barry Hilton

The final new Hilton original oil painting is a departure to the seaside, a subject matter that he has painted since the 1970s when he lived in Cornwall and was inspired by the ocean and the artists of the day.

We do hope that you love the new works which are available alongside a collection of his marine and galleon subjects and his limited edition print collection.  Why not come on down to the gallery and take a look in person?