Neil Dawson Cityscape Exhibition

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Having grown up with a love for art, nurtured at school and at St Martins College in London, Neil Dawson initially forged a successful career in the City. He loved the buzz of the streets especially at night with headlights reflected on the wet tarmac, the energy of London buses and buildings reflected in the moonlit Thames.

Up River Neil Dawson Limited edition print
Up River (Thames) by Neil Dawson

A fascination with these energetic scenes and being inspired by travel led Neil Dawson to be drawn back to the art world as a professional artist, allowing him to indulge his passion and delight us with his wonderful creations.

As a gallery we first represented Neil Dawson’s work over a decade ago when his unique take on the urban landscape captured the imagination of collectors.  It is a great delight to be able to welcome his work back into the gallery now to showcase both his original paintings and limited edition prints.

buy original art by artist neil dawson
St Pancras by Neil Dawson, Original Painting – Sold

Working in oils, Dawson is able to capture the life and buzz of a night in the city in a unique and striking way.  His images are instantly recognisable and his ability to create impactful images with a dynamic juxtaposition of colour is second to none.

Big Apple by Neil Dawson Limited Edition Print new york art
Big Apple by Neil Dawson

Neil says “I am inspired by the energy and colour of cities. I love to paint iconic architecture and imagery – hoping to spark a connection with the viewer, recreating memories of happy times spent in these dynamic cities”.

Neil Dawson’s latest collection of limited edition prints will be on show throughout September 2021 with most of his editions taken from very low collectable editions of just 45 examples each.

Along with these beautiful editions which start at just £295 framed, we are also priveleged to have a selection of his awesome original paintings also which show off iconic cities such as London and New York in their full glory.

original painting by artist neil dawson
Piccadilly Lights by Neil Dawson, Original Painting

Although the exhibition runs until mid September 2021, we continue to showcase a selection of Neil Dawson’s artwork throughout the year do do check out current availability here.

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