Blog Week 43

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So much to talk about this week!  Lots of new paintings and a spattering of new artists are in the gallery this week so it has been an exciting one.

Introducing Craig Everett

Original paintings and limited edition prints are back in the gallery by Yorkshire’s Craig Everett with more to come in the coming weeks.  The highlight of the new works is the incredible original painting ‘Dirty Old Town’ which although reflects his familiar nostalgic northern townscape, this particular painting is executed on a wooden pallet greatly adding to it’s industrial feel.

Original Art Paintiny by Craig Everett
Dirty Old Town by Craig Everett

New Artist Stephen Simpson

Our first original oil paintings by Stephen Simpson are on show in the gallery and genuinely do not disappoint.

Based in Middlesborough, Simpson’s bold floral compositions blur the lines between 2D paintings and 3D sculpture by using a heavily textured impasto technique which really has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Stephen Simpson original art painting sunflowers

“I wanted to provoke a sense of hope and give it an all-round uplifting feeling by using bursts of colour and texture. We’re all living through testing times, and I want to spread some positivity. I hope to make people smile when they see the collection, it’s meant to be happy – everyone deserves to be happy.”

Stephen Simpson Original Flower Paintings
Close Up Detail from Stephen Simpson

Four incredible original paintings from Stephen are available to view and purchase on the website here but truly they are best viewed in person so do call in and take a look if you get chance.

New from Chris Chapman

The latest limited edition from Chris Chapman’s homage series is available now and is a humorous take on an Andy Warhol but cleverly signed ‘Mandy Warhol’.

Depicting Warhol’s representation of the Queen, Chapman’s familiar viewers look on with the old chap respectively removing his cap and the gorgeous dog likewise holding is frisbee behind his back.

Chris chapman your majesty queen
Your Majesty by Chris Chapman – £540

Taken from an incredibly low edition of just 35 examples, each edition sell out so don’t delay and order now if you would like to secure this limited edition from Chris Chapman.

New from Mr Brainwash

The intense competition to be able to purchase Mr Brainwash’s limited edition prints continues unabated and the reaction to his latest limited edition ‘Reach for Love’ is even stronger than ever.

mr brainwash reach for love
Reach for Love by Mr Brainwash

Inspired by Banksy’s Girl with Balloon, ‘Reach for Love’ adds the Brainwash magic and makes for one of his most iconic compositions to date.  With the first examples having already sold from the gallery in the first day of release, we will not have this piece available for long so do contact us now to see if we can still offer this edition.

In addition to this awesome new Mr Brainwash limited edition, we also have a our very final copy of ‘Drip Flowers’ available which was from a very low edition of only 80 examples.  Rarer than most  of his recent works and still available at the original issue price, contact us now to secure this last scarce edition.

mr brainwash drip flowers
Drip Flowers by Mr Brainwash

Rare Editions from Todd White

We still have a great selection of Todd White limited edition prints on show in the gallery following our amazing artist appearance earlier in the month and have also acquired new works since.

She Still Likes To Feel The Pages todd white limited edition print
She Still Likes to Feel the Pages by Todd White

Two previously sold out limited edition prints are available for the first time in many years and are a very rare proposition.  Obviously given the scarcity of these two editions, we only have one of each so grab them now if you have been on the lookout for them over the last decade.

Inside Of You Is That Side Of You todd white limited edition print
Inside of You is That Side of You by Todd White

New from Barry Hilton

We are currently arranging our exhibitions for next year and we are thrilled to be able to welcome back one of our most long standing and popular artists, Barry Hilton.  Full information and dates will be out soon about the exhibition but in the meantime we are pleased to have been able to acquire two new paintings which are on show now.  As Barry will be painting almost exclusively for the exhibition over the coming months we don’t expect many new originals in the run up to Christmas and immediately after so if you like these new paintings, do call in and see them in the gallery soon.

original art paintings by Barry Hilton
Bringing Water to the Field by Barry Hilton

Northern Artists

Our deceased Northern Artists continue to be some of our most in demand with works by Isherwood continuing to sell quickly in the last two weeks.

We have acquired a new figures painting this week which was originally sold at the Isherwood family sale  after the artist’s death and we are pleased to bring this piece back to market for the first time since.

James Lawrence Isherwood Wigan Figures
Man Turning by James Lawrence Isherwood

Dated to 1972, the colour palette is as vibrant and bold as it was on the day it was painted and it represent s a classic example of Isherwood’s Wigan figures paintings.

Original Drawing by L S Lowry

The jewel in our crown at present is an original drawing by the late great northern artist L S Lowry.  With a record auction price being achieved for a work by Lowry just last week, interest in his original works is at an all time high.  The original oil for ‘Going to the Match’ was purchased last week by the Lowry for £7.9 million having last sold in 1999 for a then record of £1.9m.  This is a great representation of how prices in the blue chip art sector have progressed over time with this piece increasing by four times over twenty years.

A Family Laurence stephen lowry original drawing
Family, Original Drawing by L S Lowry

Depicting a family scene, this original drawing is a great reflection of Lowry’s own family dynamic where we see the relationship between the figures lacking affection, with the distance between the father, mother and child in the composition telling it’s own story.  Under close inspection, we also see familiar figures moving across the background of the composition and silhouettes of the northern mills are also seen in the background.

Having been originally purchased in the 1960s, the drawing was held in one private collection for over fifty years when it was offered for sale by Christies in London and has been subsequently sold again by a leading gallery in Broadway.  We are honoured to be the custodian of this incredible piece of our northern heritage for now and welcome art lovers and art investors alike to arrange to view it in the gallery now while it is still available.

Andrei Protsouk – 17th November

Our next exhibition will be the personal appearance of American based Ukrainian artist Andrei Protsouk.

Glowing In The Dark andrei protsouk glow in the dark original painting
Glowing in the Dark by Andrei Protsouk

We are delighted that Andrei Protsouk has agreed to make the journey from his home in the USA for his debut Hepplestone exhibition and cannot wait to see the collection of original paintings and limited edition prints that he has for us.  Do not miss the opportunity to meet the artist on 17th November from 7-9pm.