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Todd White Exhibition 6th October

Our first Todd White exhibition and personal appearance since before the pandemic is almost a month away so we hope that you are as excited as we are to welcome him back.

There will be a number of new limited edition releases for the exhibition and we have also been sourcing some rare and previously sold out limited edition prints for the show as well.

Dead mans party todd white limited edition print
Dead Man’s Party by Todd White HC Edition 1/5

The rare editions include edition number 1 of the awesome ‘Dead Man’s Party’ and edition number 2 of the beautiful ‘White Tie Affair’.  If you like the idea of owning such a special low edition, do not hesitate and contact the gallery without delay.

White Tie Affair Todd White Limited Edition Print
White Tie Affair by Todd White H/C Edition 2/10

If you are not already on the mailing list and would like an invitation to this fantastic exhibition and opportunity to meet Todd in person, contact the gallery now to be part of it.

L S Lowry Editions

Amongst our wonderful new arrivals of artwork this month are some incredible and rare signed limited edition prints by the late L S Lowry.

As Lowry’s editions continue to appreciate and are snapped up quickly by collectors, sourcing good quality examples of the best editions is tough.  With this in mind, we are especially delighted to have been able to acquire perhaps the only example of Francis Terrace, Salford currently on the market.

Produced from an incredibly low signed edition of just 75, Francis Terrace is one of Lowry’s exquisite lithograph editions rather than the normal reproductions.  As a lithograph, the original was produced directly onto a lithographic stone forming the master for each lithograph print, essentially making each example unique and explaining why they are often referred to as ‘original lithographs’.

In beautiful condition and now preserved with UV protective glass, this is a truly rare gem and a treat for any Lowry collector.

ls lowry lithograph limited edition print
Francis Terrace Salford by L S Lowry

The second of the Lowry editions just in the gallery is one of his classic and sought after subject matters featuring Huddersfield.  Incorporating all of the elements of the industrial north which made his work so popular, it is a truly iconic image.

L S Lowry Huddersfield
Huddersfield by L S Lowry

The final Lowry edition entitled The Lonely House is a window into the artist’s pysche at the time.  Although many of his most well known works feature the bustling industrial streets, he also painted a series of starker paintings including desolate landscapes and bleak seascapes which reflected the loneliness and suffering that was also a feature of much of the artist’s life.

The Lonely House is a fine example of this genre and taken from a lower edition this many with just 500 signed examples produced.   All of these three pieces are available to view at the time of writing but given the scarcity of each are unlikely to be available for long.

L S Lowry Lonely House
Lonely House by L S Lowry

New Editions from Chris Chapman

Chris Chapman’s limited edition prints continue to sell out upon release with such small editions of just 35 per piece.  Two new releases are available in the gallery now include the comical Fruit Face and Fraud Monet painting entitled Monet & Merlot.

Chris Chapman Fruit Face
Fruit Face by Chris Chapman £540


Chris Chapman Monet and Merlot
Monet and Merlot by Chris Chapman £540

WANTED – Rare Frogman Sculptures

We have a number of collectors searching for our rare exclusive Frogman releases Josephine and Clementine.  Both of these beautiful bronze owl sculptures were released as limited editions of only 15 each and now international collectors who were not lucky enough to secure one are scouring the globe in the hope of purchasing one.  If you have an example of either of these sculptures and would like to sell it or part exchange it for another piece of art, please do contact us at the gallery.

clementine and Josephine frogman owls

Mr Brainwash

The latest Mr Brainwash silkscreen edition is now available in the gallery and is a stunner.  Queen Marilyn is from a small edition of just 95 signed copies and is certainly Warhol inspired with the Brainwash treatment.

queen Marilyn mr brainwash
Queen Marilyn by Mr Brainwash, edition of 95

Also New In……

Roxanne Bell Harbour Night Scene
Moonshine by Roxanne Bell, £1075


Roxanne bell original harbour painting
Sunny Harbour by Rozanne Bell, £380


hanging out andrei protsouk original painting
Hanging Out by Andrei Protsouk, Original Oil on Canvas


Shades of White andrei protsouk original painting on board circle
Shades of White by Andrei Protsouk, Oil on Board, £1195


Evening Bay michael ashcroft original oil painting northern art
Evening Bay by Michael Ashcroft, Original Oil, £995


Isherwood southport lord street painting
Lord Street Southport, 1958, Oil on Board by James Lawrence Isherwood