the light show by artist Philip gray
New Arrivals
New Collection from Philip Gray

Inspired by the his far flung expeditions and his long lived love for the sea dating back to his days in the Irish navy, Philip Gray’s latest collection draws from these many passions. The new selection of limited edition prints feature three beautiful seascapes, each from editions of just 195 each and hand embellished to […]

New Arrivals
Rare Editions from Todd White

Having represented Todd White’s work in the gallery since his first launch in the UK and having had the honour of hosting his first UK gallery appearance, we have been specialists in the artist’s work for almost two decades.  As such, we regularly get the opportunity to sell some of his rarest and most sought […]

Paintings by Todd White
Blog Week 4

The new year is well and truly swinging in the gallery this week with a whole host of new paintings having arrived and our first exhibition of 2023 with Barry Hilton just over a month away.  Barry has now completed the new works which will be arriving soon and promise to make a spectacular show.  Some […]

Barry Hilton Exhibition

Our first artist appearance of the year will be a welcome home for one of our most enduringly popular landscape artists, Barry Hilton. Although internationally collected, we are very lucky to be Barry Hilton’s most local gallery and have been fortunate to have enjoyed the privilege of showcasing his artwork for nearly two decades.  Now […]