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This month will see the launch of Todd White’s latest limited edition print collection consisting of four fantastic images, each drawing in the viewer to Todd’s typical narrative and asking the question of the viewer, Which One are You?

The first of the series is from the smallest edition run and is entitled, Chasing Foxes.  From an edition of only 75 worldwide, this edition will no doubt be a sell out piece and is a fascinating take on the different personalities of the subjects in question.

Todd is best positioned himself to take us through the nuances of the piece. ‘Like the fox, sexy and beautiful in movement, sharp in the mind, we cover all my foxy ladies here from the fresh snow fox to the seasoned red fox alway hunted and the ever wise silver fox.  The limited is really a trap, did I catch you?’ Todd White.

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Chasing Foxes by Todd White

The second pieces entitled The Lioness is a piece close to Todd’s heart and features the strong maternal figure that he has been surrounded by for so much of his life.  ‘A painting of a mother’s undying love for her children, a tender touch to a husband and protector of her pride.  I think this is relatable to most fantastic women in the world’.

buy Todd white lioness giclee print
The Lioness by Todd White

Taken from a worldwide edition of 135, each Lioness is hand signed by Todd, complete with certificate of authenticity and will be framed in the official Todd White frame.

The third edition is the vibrant and powerful Sugar Shack.  Taken again from a worldwide edition of 135, this looks to be one of Todd’s most popular editions and one that many ladies will relate to, recognising the characters of the figures in themeselves and their friends.

buy Todd white print sugar shack print giclee edition
Sugar Shack by Todd White

The final edition of the four is the amazing Outlaws.  What would have once been one of Todd’s typical social scenes has now become a social commentary on the changes to our society during the Covid 19 pandemic.  As Todd says himself, ‘Who would have ever thought that a good time with friends would be illegal? Or maybe you have just not been having the proper parties!’

Todd white outlaws limited edition print
The Outlaws by Todd White

Again taken from a worldwide edition of 135, this edition is available to order now with free UK delivery and international shipping is also available upon request.  Contact the gallery now for further information and although the pieces are available at the time of writing, stock is limited so do not delay and secure your copies now.  Up to date availability is available on our Todd White art page here.