New Collection from Geoffrey Key

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The opening of our new gallery in Wilmslow has coincided with our acquisition of a wonderful new collection of paintings by the octogenarian Salford artist.  The new selection of paintings spans many decades from an early Nab painting dating from 1967 to his most recent ‘Punch’ painting painted only this year.

Although most of the new paintings are currently on show in our new Wilmslow gallery, we also have one new painting entitled ‘Harlequin and Goth’ hanging in our Heskin gallery amongst a selection of other fine works by Geoffrey Key.  As it will be Geoffrey’s 83rd birthday on Monday, we hope you can join us to raise a glass of Champagne to one of our most enduringly charming artists over the weekend.

Nab Figures with Flowers, 1967, Wilmslow Gallery


Red Horse and Rider by Geoffrey Key, 1968, Heskin Gallery


Boxers by Geoffrey Key, 1986, Wilmslow Gallery


Horse and Moon by Geoffrey Key, 1988, Heskin Gallery


Guitar by Geoffrey Key, 1998, Heskin Gallery


landscape by geoffrey key salford artist
Landscape with Fir Trees by Geoffrey Key, 2015, Heskin Gallery


Oil Jar and Peppers III geoffrey key original painting
Oil Jar and Peppers by Geoffrey Key, 2022, Wilmslow Gallery


The Dream by Geoffrey Key, 2023, Wilmslow Gallery


Watching by Geoffrey Key, 2023, Wilmslow Gallery


Harlequin & Goth by Geoffrey Key, 2023, Heskin Gallery


Punch by Geoffrey Key, 2024, Wilmslow Gallery

We do hope that you come and join us to celebrate Geoffrey’s 83rd birthday and enjoy this wonderful collection of paintings spanning seven decades.