Fabian Perez Art and the Man Behind the Paintings

Fabian Perez private collection

Fabian Perez was born near Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1967. Growing up, Perez faced a lot of difficulties in understanding the things he saw around him. His father owned illegal nightclubs and brothels, and was immersed in an underworld of gamblers and ladies of the night. However, it is evident from the subject matter of his atmospheric and evocative paintings that his upbringing has influenced his paintings and sculpture tremendously. His portraits of women reflect a burning sensuality, memories of the women he saw in his father’s nightclubs and bordellos. The true inspiration towards art came from his mother however, who was herself an artist. Fabien started drawing from a very early age and his mother would proudly display his art works.

In his childhood, he was very fond of martial arts and soccer as well, with the former turning out to be a great influence in his life as well as work. He lost his mother at the age of 16, and he was all alone when his father took his own life three years later. Grieving and looking for direction, in 1984 Perez met Sensei Oscar, who became his mentor, teacher, friend, and guardian. This is the period when martial arts enabled him the strength and peace he was seeking after he lost his parents.

fabian_perez_black_phone_IIIn 1987, after a brief stay in Rio, Fabien Perez moved to Pedova, where he made the most of his time with Oscar and painted regularly too. After a short halt in Okinawa, Japan, he moved to Los Angeles, USA, to experience a new side of life. He worked there as a model and bus boy and did some odd jobs for Universal Studio as well. As he kept busy during the days, he used to paint at the night. This, according to him, was his life’s most creative time.

In 2001, his life finally turned the corner. A few art publishers became so impressed with his Fabian Perez art that they formed a partnership with him to promote and develop him as a fine art artist. The association proved to be a great success and the demand for Fabian’s paintings increased internationally. Fabian Perez limited edition prints are now sold worldwide with DeMonfort Fine Art now publishing the artwork in the UK.

Highlights for Fabian Perez have included being an official artist for the 2012 London Olympic Games and presenting the Pope with a portrait in 2015.

Though he doesn’t like characterizing his style, his work speaks of his passion for beauty. According to him, his most effective meditation is his work. While he travels the world for inspiration, his permanent residence is in California.

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