Todd White Original Sketches

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Hot after Todd White’s recent gallery visit to Hepplestone Fine Art, we have just received four fabulous new original drawings from the artist.

In the run up to the exhibition, a small number of original sketches were available which sold out fast to collectors hungry to own something unique and original by Todd White without having to spend tens of thousands for one of his sought after  original oil paintings. Todd White’s original drawings are genuine conceptual studies in preparation for producing a finished original oil and are a great insight into the artistic process.  Sometimes using several pieces of paper taped together as the piece evolves, these amazingly rare pieces are raw and authentic.





















todd white craving for you

This first original drawing above, is the sketch to the sell out limited edition print entitled ‘Craving for You’ which is shown here to the right.

A really special opportunity to buy an original piece of work that formed part of the creative process of such a popular painting.

todd white gentlemen jacks

todd white gentleman jacksThis second drawing is a beautiful large original Todd White sketch from the original painting from which the limited edition print ‘Gentleman Jacks and Top Totty’ was taken.

A fabulous addition to any serious Todd White collection and a great example of the progression of the concept drawing to the finished coloured oil.


‘Giddy Up’ is the third Todd White sketch and is again beautifully presented and exudes all the attributes that have made Todd White’s work so popular. Each of the sketches includes a hand written note from the artist Todd White on the back explaining the background to each drawing.


The final Todd White sketch is simply entitled ‘Woman Study’ and as Todd explains on the reverse, this one has not made it to a finished original oil painting yet but boy are we looking forward to seeing it when it does!

Check out the Todd White art gallery page here for up to date availability on these sketches as we obviously only have one of each!!!