Todd White Four Libations of the Apocalypse – Rare Edition of 40

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todd white four libations of the apolalypse

Todd White has launched a very exclusive new limited edition print entitled ‘The Four Libations of the Apocalypse’ from a very low edition of only 40!!

The background to the piece was a trip to Vegas that Todd made with a number of friends when a casino bar was understaffed and mobbed with crowds of ‘lubricated’ customers.  The bar tender phoned through for reinforcements when back up arrived in the form of four more bar tenders/cocktail waiters wading through the crowd with drinks to satisfy the crowd.  Todd was struck with visions of biblical paintings of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding in and raced to his room to sketch out the image with his sharpie on a piece of card.

Please note that with such a low edition size we only have one available which is available on a strictly first come first served basis.  Please contact the gallery for up to date availability or click here to purchase online.