Todd White Dead Man’s Hands

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Have you ever dreamt of owning a Todd White original painting but been unable to make the £100,000 price tag? Well this might be a great opportunity to purchase a large iconic piece by Todd which is unique to any other.

dead mans hands deluxe todd white

We are honoured to have been able to acquire the last deluxe edition of the sell out limited edition print ‘Dead Man’s Hands’. Todd took just five examples of this amazingly popular limited edition and over painted each one, giving each a completely individual flavour and story.

The original concept behind the ‘Dead Man’s Hands’ edition related to the infamous cowboy Wild Bill Hickok who was shot dead with a hand of cards featuring two pairs, aces and eights, a hand that became known as the dead man’s hand. The original edition did not include the butterfly detailing shown above which has been added by Todd White himself to make this a completely unique proposition. As this is the only one available, it is only available at the time of writing so do check out our Todd White page or contact the gallery for current availability.

Numbered AP4/5, check out the ‘Dead Man’s Hands’ deluxe in the gallery now while stock lasts.