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It has been a busy couple of months for artist Todd White with art shows, TV appearances, painting, sculpting and ongoing work on the Todd White art project.

artist todd white sculpture

Todd White has released a couple of sneaky images of his latest sculpture that he has been working on.  Todd White fans will remember that to date Todd has only  released one bronze sculpture which was the stunning Delicate.  We hope the new one will be equally amazing and look forward to seeing it – maybe 2014?

todd white art project

The Todd White art project is also keeping Todd busy at present.  Todd White created the Todd White Art Project with the mission to provide art supplies to eager young school students who may not have access to the most basic creative materials.  If you wish to donate to the Todd White art project, you can do so by clicking on the Todd White link here.

artist todd white buy giclee prints

 Todd White on Good Morning Cleveland

With such an amazingly busy schedule, it is incredible that Todd has found the time to release three wonderful new limited edition giclee prints as well that will be arriving in the gallery in the next couple of weeks.  ‘The Four Libations of the Apocalypse’ has sold out already in less than 24 hours of us releasing the image so if ‘Perfect for the Part’ or ‘Surrounding the Shark’ are of interest, pre order your copy now and be the first!

todd white perfect for the part

Todd White Perfect for the Part


Todd White Surrounding the Shark

 Don’t delay, pre order today!!