Rare Frogman Bronzes

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With Christmas fast approaching we have been scouring the world looking for rare and sold out Frogman editions and are delighted to bring you a hand picked selection of low edition pieces along with a beautiful custom patina example.

The custom patina frog is a unique version of the popular Free Spirit frog but finished especially for us in the amazing red fire cracker patina used for our exclusive frog Chilli.

Free Spirit Custom Patina Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture

On show in the gallery now, this special edition Free Spirit frog is certainly worth viewing in the flesh, especially if you already have a Chilli  who needs a friend.

Along with Free Spirit, we have also acquired just one copy of Venice which is from a worldwide edition of only 60 and is finished in a gorgeous blue, yellow and red patina.

Venice Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture

The second of the low edition frogs is an edition variation of the The Kiss but finished in soft pastel tones.  Frogman has taken just 50 out of the original edition and applied a soft blue and pink patina creating the beautiful ‘Love at Last’ sculpture.

Love at Last 2017 Show Edition Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture gift

The final example in this collectors selection is a variation on Sunflower, again in pink tones and also an edition variation of only 50.

Hope Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture artist

Please bear in mind that we have just one of each of these pieces in stock in readiness for Christmas so if any take your fancy, please do not delay and order online here or via the gallery.