New Northern Art from Isherwood

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The late Wigan artist James Lawrence Isherwood continues to be one our most enthusiastically collected artists with paintings finding new homes every week.

As is often the case with deceased artists, it is becoming increasingly difficult to source good examples against the back drop of increased demand and an ever diminishing supply as collectors keep hold of their priced pieces. This combined with a host of non authentic paintings appearing in the market also, purchasing the best works is tough for both galleries and collectors.

This being said, we are delighted to say that the hard work viewing many potential paintings every month, and rejecting many, is paying off with a number of new to market works available this week covering a variety of Isherwood’s most sought after subject matters.

Houses Parliament James Lawrence Isherwood Original Painting

Babba Comb Beach James Lawrence Isherwood Original Painting

Stick Figures James Lawrence Isherwood Original Painting

With many of the new Isherwood paintings selling immediately upon arrival in the gallery, do not hesitate if you would like to own one of these pieces of Northern art history. All of the paintings are in excellent condition and are offered with a gallery certificate of authenticity.

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