New Northern Art in the Gallery

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The desire to own some of our Northern heritage by purchasing Northern art continues to be a trend in the gallery and has become particularly marked post Brexit as collectors look to invest their money in alternative areas.

With this in mind, a host of new artworks under the Northern Art umbrella have come into the gallery in the last week or so including paintings and prints by the likes of Geoffrey Key, L S Lowry and Michael Ashcroft.

moorland birds geoffrey key original

geoffrey key window figure original

Born in Manchester in 1941, Geoffrey Key has lived and worked through the golden age of Northern Art, exhibiting alongside the headline figures of the Northern Art scene such as L S Lowry.

Still based in Salford, Geoffrey Key has become perhaps the most sought after of living Northern artists and has been exhibited world wide from London to Hong Kong.  These two new pieces into the gallery include this beautiful ink drawing, reminiscent of his Daydream silkscreen collection also on show in the gallery, along with an original oil from his rare bird series which is also featured in one of his beautifully presented books.

man lying wall ls lowry signed print

level crossing train lowry print

If Geoffrey Key is the most sought after of the living Northern artists, L S Lowry is surely the most famous and coveted of the Northern artists who have gone before.

Whilst widely exhibited and collected in his lifetime, the thirst for L S Lowry’s work has continued to grow since his death in 1976 and have surged more recently in the last five years.  Prices have appreciated markedly for both his original works and his hand signed limited edition prints fuelled by increased demand from both the UK and overseas including China, and an obvious diminishing supply.

The two new signed limited edition prints into the gallery include one of his most iconic images, Man Lying on a Wall, and complement an amazing collection already on offer in the gallery.

View over lancashire michael ashcroft original

original out order michael ashcroft


From two of the brightest twentieth century stars of Northern art to one of the twenty first centuries leading lights, Michael John Ashcroft.

Michael Ashcroft is one of our most local artists, born in Croston, and one of our most gifted.  Collected extensively now for his stunning urban paintings along with his beautifully executed landscapes, we are honoured to have on show at present a collection of each.

Having only taken up painting relatively late having been diagnosed with a brain tumour, Michael Ashcroft is a master of tone and capturing light, all of which is demonstrated in these exquisite landscape paintings.  Having been accepted into the Manchester Academy of Fine Art followed by exhibiting at the Royal Academy, we are honoured to be able to offer his artwork alongside the likes of Geoffrey Key and Lowry.

Other Northern artists on offer in the gallery include Wigan’s James Lawrence Isherwood and Braaq, all of which are showcased here on the website along with on our sister site which focuses predominantly on Northern and Tewntieth Century British art.