New Lalique Glassware in the Gallery

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A beautiful new selection of glassware is in stock at the gallery by iconic glass maker Lalique.

Lalique has continued to make stunning glassware since the death of founder Renee Lalique in 1945 and the popularity of the historically significant maker continues to be strong across the world.

New pieces in stock include small versions of one of Lalique’s best known designs, the Bacchantes vase. Bacchantes has for decades been one of the most coveted Lalique pieces and the new smaller versions do not disappoint.

Bacchantes Clear Vase Small Lalique GlassAt the time of writing we currently have both the traditional clear vase in stock along with the elegant gold version so do call in and take a look.

In addition to Bacchantes, we also have the gorgeous grey Timora Elephant available which has great appeal to both Lalique and elephant collectors.

Timora Baby Elephant Grey Figure Lalique Glass

Old favourites such as the Fantasia vase and a new selection of the Lalique fish are also available so do come along and enjoy this beautiful and classic collection of glassware.

Lalique fantasia

View the Lalique collection now.