New Andrei Protsouk Paintings

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The buzz around US based artist Andrei Protsouk continues and we are thrilled to have acquired three amazing new original paintings this week.

Although known for his figurative works, the first of the three paintings is a wonderful fusion of abstract figurative and still life. One of those amazing paintings that you see more in everytime you look at it.

andrei protsouk original art painting

The second painting, a large and dramatic figurative composition, is packed with content and requires extensive studying to fully appreciate. Planes, trains and automobiles may be an apt description and a great representation of why this talented artist is on the lips of so many collectors.

andrei protsouk original art

The final original painting by Andrei Protsouk is entitled ‘Room Service’ and epitomises the humour that runs through Protsouk’s work and again is packed with content in the composition. ¬†Accompanied by a selection of smaller original paintings and limited edition prints, we do hope that you can call in the gallery to view the paintings in the flesh.

Full details of the Andrei Protsouk’s can also be viewed in our Protsouk gallery here.