Mackenzie Thorpe – Out of the Shadows

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We are delighted to announce the release of the latest collection from Mackenzie Thorpe, one of the country’s most celebrated and sought after living artists. Mackenzie’s collectors come from all walks of life and include famous names from the worlds of sport, music, film, politics and royalty and his followers include the author JK Rowling and HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Out of the Shadows reaches out across every conceivable boundary by drawing on the universal themes that unite us all; love and isolation, life and death, joy and sorrow, despair and hope. Striking and distinctive, these beautiful artworks fuse flawless simplicity with an unerring complexity, weaving spells that bewitch us in a way which goes beyond the visual and strike at the heart of our emotions.

Dancing for Love by Mackenzie Thorpe Limited edition print

The Seeds of Love by Contemporary Artist Mackenzie Thorpe Limited Edition Print

You're My Rock by Contemporary Artist Mackenzie Thorpe Limited Edition Print

In His Footsteps by Artist Mackenzie Thorpe contemporary sculpture limited edition

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Out of The Shadows by Mackenzie Thorpe Hardcover Book

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