L S Lowry Limited Edition Print Collection

Northern art in general has attracted increased interest in recent years, fuelled by both investors looking for alternative homes for their money along with collectors interested in owning a piece of Northern heritage. The headline artist in this renaissance has undoubtedly been Northern art’s greatest son, L S Lowry.

In addition to his original paintings soaring into the millions, his signed limited edition prints are also enjoying great demand with record prices being set almost monthly as they hit the market. A signed limited edition print of ‘Going to the Match’ by L S Lowry fetched a staggering £20,000 at auction last year demonstrating the demand for the Northern artist’s work. Likewise, this month a copy of ‘Man Lying on a Wall’ fetched £7,800 plus commission at auction – identical edition to the one that we sold in the gallery only two years ago for just £1,850!

With artists such as Lowry, the artwork will inevitably be decades old and therefore condition and authenticity is key.  It is therefore buyer beware to ensure that you are buying a good quality example from a reputable source. For this reason, we are particularly selective on which pieces we source for the gallery and we were therefore thrilled to purchase a complete private collection of seven limited edition prints that had been in a single private collection for forty years. These amazing examples have now been professionally framed using conservation techniques and are available to purchase at prices competitive with recent auction prices.

l s lowry print landscape with farm building signed

l s lowry on the sands limited edition print

l s lowry an industrial landscape

All of these amazing signed Lowry limited edition prints will be available to view in the gallery from next week with full details available in our Lowry online gallery here as they are available.