Isherwood Collection on Show Now

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The paintings of the late Wigan artist James Lawrence Isherwood continue to be some of our most in demand works in the gallery. Now thirty years since his death, we are still unearthing unseen paintings and working hard to source the very best examples.

This week we are proud to bring an exquisite private collection to market including some of the Isherwood’s best known paintings, many of which are featured in the Isherwood book by Stephen Eckersley.

The headline painting for the current exhibition is the fabulous ‘Mist Wigan Pier’ which features as a full page of the Eckersley book.

The iconic Wigan Pier is one of the artist’s most sought after subject matters and one of the hardest paintings to find on the market. Executed in 1964, only a small number of Wigan Pier paintings were produced so it is a great joy to be able to offer on one of the largest examples ever painted of this subject by Isherwood which also features in the book. As we expect this particular painting to sell quickly, please click on the Isherwood gallery section now to check if it is still available.

Along with his Wigan townscapes, Isherwood also has a strong and passionate collector base for his clown paintings. Again very rare, a small number of clown paintings were executed throughout his life and this particular example was painted in the last decade of his life in 1983.

The next painting from the collection features the sun over the beautiful ‘Morecambe Bay’ represented in Isherwood’s expressionst abstract style. Painted in 1972, this piece is a stunning original oil on board which works as well today as it did nearly fifty years ago when it was first conceived – a true sign of a timeless master.

Isherwood’s figures paintings give us another glimpse into the artist’s world, the characters of 1960s & 1970s Wigan, the flat caps, shawls and inevitable dogs that feature so often in these compositions. The suggestion of the industrial landscape in the background of these two pieces also suggest the northern towns where Isherwood lived all of his life.

Another key painting in the current collection is one of the artist’s most notorious and another which takes up a full page in the Isherwood Stephen Eckersley book.

This controversial painting executed in 1973 features Princess Anne and her ex husband Mark Phillips and is entitled ‘First Kiss’. Famously banned from an exhibition in Southport in 1973, it also featured in the Sun newspaper in 1990 when is was once again withdrawn from sale, this time from an auction sale.

As one of Isherwood’s most well known paintings, we are honoured to be the custodians of it for the short time before it finds it’s permanent new home and will be glad to offer it with the newspaper clippings associated with it’s chequered history. Availability is again shown on the Isherwood gallery page where you can see if it is still listed.

Demonstrating Isherwood’s versatility with medium, we also have a wonderful watercolour painting which also features in the Isherwood book.

A number of watercolours still exist from Isherwood but in varying conditions dues to the fragility of the paper. This particular example is one of the largest watercolours produced and surviving and has been expertly framed using UV protective glass to protect it for generations to come.

The final painting in the new collection which will be on show in the gallery this weekend (1st & 2nd November 2019) is a breathtaking London Guards painting.


Alongside Wigan, the London Guards paintings are some of the most in demand from Isherwood and we are able to acquire them very infrequently.

We hope that you like the new collection of key Isherwood paintings and invite you to visit the gallery to view them in person. Full details of the available works are also on our Isherwood gallery page here.