Hollywood to Salford, an International Painting Comes Home

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When a painting returns to market over sixty years after it was first painted, rarely do we have a window into it’s colourful history.

First started in 1956 in Spain and completed by the artist Harold Riley on his return to his hometown of Salford, we are delighted to have obtained this amazing original oil on board which has adorned the walls of several production companies in Hollywood.

Figure Study Original Painting Harold Riley

Previously owned by Hollywood film director and writer Mr Peter Chelsom, the painting was gifted to him by his late mother, a fine art and antiques dealer over forty years ago.  Peter says of the painting,  ‘For the last twenty years it has sat on the walls of the various production offices I have occupied here in Hollywood. It has always reminded me where I am from, that in the middle of this film making madness I am still a boy from Blackpool and proud of the fact! To be honest it has also kept me inspired, it is such an impactful depiction of struggle, of toil and therefore a comfort amidst the battles I fight each day getting films made. I suppose you could say its my Churchill’s ‘Never Give Up’.  Peter Chelsom is a member of the British Academy, the American Academy, the Directors Guild of America and the Writers Guild of America.

Having begun it’s life in Spain before jetting over the Atlantic to Hollywood, we are thrilled to be able to offer this fabulous original oil painting by one of the greats of the Northern Art movement back here in the North West.

Please note that this painting has now SOLD.