Hepplestone Exclusive – Pablo

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With Frogman’s 2017 visit nearly upon us (21st September), we are delighted to launch our very own exclusive special edition frog, ‘Pablo’.

frogman pablo limited edition bronze frog sculpture

As in 2016, Frogman has kindly allowed us our very own exclusive edition of which only 50 will be produced especially for our Hepplestone customers.  We have chosen the design of the popular ‘Juliet’ frog but in a vivid red and purple patina and called him ‘Pablo’.

As such a limited and special edition, availability of ‘Pablo’ is strictly limited so if you would like to pre order your edition in readiness for the Frogman visit and exhibition in September, please do so either by clicking here or calling the gallery on 01257 451121.  He is also on show in the gallery now if you are able to come and take a look in person.

Also just launched yesterday and coming soon will be the amazing ‘Caruso’.  The first of his species to join the Cotterill Aviary, is a decidedly confident, yet curious cockatoo.  Sporting a marbled, silver nitrate patina, complemented by his burnished crest and polished beak, Caruso is a character certain to command the attention he seeks.  As always, the early bird gets the worm, so don’t miss out on Caruso, before he flies to coop!!!!

Caruso Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture side parrot

Caruso Frogman Tim Cotterill Bronze Sculpture front

‘Caruso’ will be in stock soon and available to preorder now in our Frogman gallery here.