Blog Week 43

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Despite Lancashire now being in Tier 3 the gallery remains open and Covid secure so we hope to be able to welcome you all to the gallery to view the beautiful artwork in person.

In these strange times where safe places to visit for a little escapism are few and far between we hope that the gallery offers that quiet space to get away and lose yourself for a while.

With Manchester joining us this week, we have taken delivery of two specially commissioned paintings by Nigel Cooke of the city just in time.

Nigel Cooke Manchester cityscape art
Now Sold – Enquire About Commissioning a Painting

Best known for painting the world’s most iconic cities, it has been an honour to be able to ask Nigel to immortalize Manchester for us in these new compositions. As a Northerner himself, he has done us proud and these fabulous paintings are available to view and purchase now at the time of writing.

Nigel Cooke Manchester painting
Now Sold – Enquire About Commissioning a Painting

Although we have had to cancel all of our artist appearances this year, we have been working being the scenes trying to organize a private meet and greet event with Irish artist Philip Gray.  This would have allowed collectors to meet the artist one to one in a safe environment and enjoy his latest collection of works. Unfortunately with the announcement of a lockdown in Southern Ireland yesterday we have had to cancel plans for this event this year too but hope to ressurect it next year.

The more positive news however is that the first of the original paintings for the exhibition had already arrived so we have two fabulous new oil paintings available and on show now.

Phillip Gray original mountain Everest painting
Philip’s mountainscape paintings, inspired by his Everest expedition, continue to be some of his most admired in the gallery so we are thrilled to have two such fine and striking examples available.

Phillip Gray original art everest
Full details of these two new paintings are available on our Philip Gray gallery page here.

For those looking for something a little more abstract this week, we have also taken delivery of two new atmospheric skyscapes from Alison Johnson.Alison Johnson original abstract paintings

Availability of Alison’s original works has been limited in the gallery this year and with the last two selling in the first weekend on show, we hope you get chance to come and admire these two as soon as possible.

Alison Johnson original art
With both stunning statement pieces priced at just £995 framed, they are a great way to add colour and impact to any room. Full details are available here.

On the subject of fast sellers, Andrei Protsouk still proves to be one of the quickest. Two new small oil on panels arrived in the gallery this week with the first flying out of the door just as it was being unwrapped.

The second of the two panels is equally fantastic and another brilliantly well thought out composition from Andrei.

Andrei Protsouk Original Art Painting
Following on from some of his previous wine themed pieces, the new painting is entitled ‘Naked Grape‘ and is available at the time of writing at £1320,

Despite all of these fabulous new arrivals, there have been yet more this week. With the likes of our deceased artists, it is a matter of acquiring the best examples whenever they are available hence the two new James Lawrence Isherwoods this week.

James Lawrence Isherwood flower paintings

Two completely contrasting paintings, we have acquired an early (1961) flower study along with a later classic abstract Wigan Wallgate painting.

Jim Isherwood Wigan wallgate
It is fascinating to see these two paintings side by side, contrasting in technique, subject matter and of course colour palette.  A embodiment of the journey of an artist throughout their career, experimenting with form and technique while they evolve into the true artist that they are.

The Marigold painting can be seen as technically accomplished and typical of his well crafted early compositions, whereas the Wigan Wallgate painting is Isherwood at his expressionist best, bold with both the colour palette and the abstraction of the subject.

Starting at just £1195 for Marigolds, the paintings offer opportunities to buy a piece of of Northern art history and classic Isherwood at an affordable price.