Blog Week 42

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Last week was our Philip Gray exhibition and we must say a huge thank you for such an amazing turnout. Philip had flown in on the same day from Canada so it was great to see so many familiar faces come out to see him.

art exhibition Philip Gray

We still have a selection of Philip Gray’s paintings on show in the gallery if you missed it and the full selection of exhibition photographs are available to view on our Facebook page by clicking here.

Timeless Elegance from Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree Valentine Daines continues to make the headlines with a new question and answer feature in ‘My English Home’ magazine last week reaffirming her place as one of Britain’s most collectable and sought after living artists.

We are honoured this week to feature a stunning selection of competitively priced original paintings in our viewing room by Sherree so we do encourage new and old collectors to come along and take time to enjoy these timeless paintings.

Along with these four oil paintings by Sherree on show, alongside them in our viewing room we also have another early oil painting by Theodore Major.

Dating back to the 1940s, this street scene is another rare painting that has taken over twenty years since his death to come to market so we are thrilled to have it available along with another oil in the gallery now.

Introducing Nick Holdsworth

On a more contemporary note, we are delighted to welcome the work of Nick Holdsworth to the gallery which offer a unique take on icons of our generation. Constructed using the symbols associated with the subject of the piece using a style similar to pointillism, Prince, David Bowie, Madonna and Kate Moss are captured in a way never been seen before.

Each large in physical size but produced in small limited edition runs of only 95 each, Nick’s unique compositions make stunningly striking pieces with gloss resin finishes. View the collection online here now or in the gallery while we stock lasts.

New from Mario Sanzone

Mario Sanzone has a recognisable style all of his own, capturing some of Europe’s most popular and well known cities in his recognisable style. This week we have three new stunning examples on show featuring both Venice and Lake Como.

Only available as original paintings and with prices starting from £695, Sanzone’s works offer great value for beautiful original artworks. Full availability is available in our Mario Sanzone gallery here.

Todd White Original Sketches

We have been lucky to acquire two original sketches this week by Todd White, both of which are the original concept drawings to two well known published limited edition prints.

The piece featured above is the incredible ‘Ask Me to Stay’ of which we also have just one copy of the sold out limited edition print available! Both are available individually but we are hoping that a lucky collector will be able to keep the pair together.

The second sketch is also available to view now here or in the gallery and was the drawing for the original painting and limited ediiton ‘If I Didn’t Laugh I’d Cry’. Awesome!