Barry Hilton Exhibition

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As many of our collectors will be aware, Barry Hilton has been one of our longest standing and successful artists over the last fifteen years, a favourite amongst collectors for his vivid and dramatic landscape paintings.

Hailing from Greater Manchester, Hilton moved to Cornwall in the 1970s which had a dramatic impact upon his artistic journey.  Working under the legendary art dealer Rolly, Hilton cut his teeth working alongside some of the best known artists of the day.  During this period he produced a wide selection of subject matters, particularly focusing on atmospheric harbour scenes and also Victorian street scenes.  Capturing the moonlight shimmering on the water, or the artificial lights on the streets, these techniques were to be developed and honed by Hilton over the next four decades culminating in the stunning works he produces today.

An artist who has continued to innovate and explore his subject matter and techniques through the decades, he has also achieved a first class honours degree in ceramics and studied print making more recently in 2019.  This quest for development led him to his vivid contemporary landscapes, utilising the techniques he had mastered over the years in new dramatic colour palettes and minimalist compositions, often imitated but never bettered.  These paintings have become some of the most widely collected landscape paintings within the UK over the last decade with prices increasing steadily year on year over that period.

Despite the relative shortage of his original paintings, we were thrilled that he spent the last few months of 2019 and first couple of months of 2020 producing one of his finest bodies of work for an exhibition with ourselves who are his most local gallery, located only a few miles from the studio.  The collection of works are showcased below with up to date availability on our Hilton gallery page by clicking here.

barry hilton standish drain ditch

Lighthouse Blue by Barry Hilton Original Painting

The subtle techniques utilised by Hilton in his paintings really have to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.  Using contrasts of both colour and technique, the heavy palette knife work of the foregrounds balances wonderfully against the delicate brushwork used in the skies.  Utilising layer and layer of oils in the perfect skies, the fine blending creates different atmospheres which come to life under different lights.  The works truly offer many moods in just one epic painting.

barry hilton cornish scene

barry hilton original painting

original red landscape by barry hilton

buy original landscape paintings by barry hilton

original landscape art by barry hilton

Marshlands II Barry Hilton Original Painting

Golden Crop Barry Hilton Original Painting

barry hilton too much rain original painting

Golden Fields of Home Barry Hilton Original Painting

Red Field House Barry Hilton Original Painting

Sunrise Lavender Barry Hilton Original Painting

Brook II Barry Hilton Original Painting

Silent Waters Barry Hilton Original Painting

It is difficult to judge the scale of the paintings online so we encourage collectors who are able to come to the gallery and view them in person.  If however that is not possible and you would like further photographs of your favourite pieces, do let us know and we would be happy to oblige.  The painting above for example is one of Hilton’s largest ever compositions with an epic framed size of 73″ x 53″.